About the "Egghead" Edition

This Edition is a collaboration with the in Zurich based artist and photographer Peter Hauser. The Egghead, how Peter is calling his recent Work, is printed bythe silkscreen-print geek, Julian Kaeser (Siebdruck 27). He is well known for his extraordinary skill with the screen. Julian produces Prints for artists like Peter Fischli and many more. We feel most honored, that Peter Hauser has created a brand new work exclusivley for this collaboration.

The Egghead is in his size and materiality just astonishing. 70x100 cm large, in matt silver and for silkscreen-print usual grid appearance. Depending on point of view, the silver reflects the light slightly different, to bring life into this high-end black and white Print. Pretty unusual for a sunny side up are the two egg yolks. Reference to a face or some might say the scream of Edvard Munch. Interpretation is open to the viewer, but let you wonder what was first. The Egg or the Print? 

The very unique paper is not available anymore, and makes the numbered and signed edition of 50 even more exclusive.