About the "Khalas Habibi" Charity Edition

50% will be donated to the NGO „Offrejoie“ to help people affected by the blast that hit Beirut, Lebanon.

In Arabic:  يبيبح صلخ „Khalas Habibi“ meaning:  "done / ok / finish / enough / stop it“ and „Darling“

This body of work was created in 2020 in the wake of the Beirut blast.

Being half Lebanese, it’s the photographer Julia Ishacs analogy of rebuilding memories related to the country with its delicate culture.

Conserving memories that might not even exist, created from imagination.

The two prints show the pursuit of consumption in constant decline.

Related to the artists personal heritage and the country's fate these two prints can be seen as a metaphor for unity and deep desires. Putting this in the actual context, this question is deeply mandatory for people peace of mind: Khalas Habibi?!

Setdesign in collaboration with Studio Vegete.