About the Libanese NGO Offrejoie

NGO offrejoie working in Beirut Lebanon with Julia Ishac and Edition3000

Offrejoie was born in the midst of a raging civil war in Lebanon in 1985.  ​

A group of young Red Cross volunteers worked together to help the injured. They started with children’s camps during the conflict by bringing groups of children from different social classes and backgrounds together to accept each members’ differences. Those camps have continued their healing work since 1985, and when those children grew up, they carried the values Love, Respect and Forgiveness that they had learned at the camps and became a movement of young citizens from all the different communities and regions in Lebanon. ​​

The Mission 

The mission of Offrejoie is “To gather the entire family of Lebanon". Offrejoie believes that fragmented societies can heal through the creation of human relationships born of shared opportunities to serve the community. By serving together a spirit of mutual regard and esteem grows fostering a sense of solidarity and a new understanding of citizenship.

The Vision

Offrejoie envisions a society whose citizens are united in diversity and committed to honoring the fundamental human rights of all.

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