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Untitled - Siebdruck von Cyrill Matter

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Limitierte Edition von 30, Nummeriert und Unterschrieben von Cyrill Matter

Ready to Hang, erhältlich in einem Eichen Rahmen mit Echt-Glas

Hochwertiger SiebdruckFormat 89.5 x 128 cm 

Von Hand gedruckt von Siebdruck27 in Zürich

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Cyrill was born and raised in Zurich, studied commerce and got a position in an ad agency. On a whim, and out of boredom, he bought a cheap camera. He started taking pictures – and was bitten.

Within a year he had left his job; he spent the next 12 months intensively learning the skills of a photographer, working as a photography assistant while reading and watching everything he could get his hands on relating to the topic. After that relatively short time, he decided to strike out on his own and try to make it as a professional photographer.

Cyrill moved to New York and had been signed by photography agent Marek Milewicz within four months. That led to his four year stay in “The City”. Since then he has established himself as a respected photographer.

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